Stop damage, mold and odor before it starts

Basement waterproofing is the home improvement few people see. But many homes and commercial buildings in your local area need attention. Because your basement is where family treasures or valuable equipment often lives. Or where a family room, workshop, or additional office space begins.

We give you back your basement

Your basement may be leaky and damp and smell of mold and mildew. Or worse, flooded after a storm. That’s when you should look to SJS Construction. We know how to turn an uncomfortable or unsafe basement into a dry, odorless, welcoming room your family will enjoy year ‘round.

What are your options?

There are 2 main ways to waterproof your basement. Usually the most effective way to go is from the exterior,  repairing and sealing your foundation walls and directing water away from the home. Alternatively, sometimes it is beneficial to do waterproofing from the inside; by trenching within the cement floor and routing water to the sump pit.